What characterizes a good watermaker?

When it comes to conventional systems without energy recovery, there are an enormous number of manufacturers who cover a wide range of prices.

When deciding on a manufacturer, the big difference is the quality of the system, in addition to the pure nominal performance data and the price. What is the difference between the various offers and what is actually important?

Two factors are crucial for long-term, worry-free operation:

  1. The design of the system in relation to the flow rate of seawater to the membrane surface.
  2. The quality of the main components such as pump, motor and membrane

Regarding the first point, our philosophy of robust design is reflected in the performance data and can be transparently compared with other manufacturers. More about this under energy consumption.

Regarding the quality of the components, it can be said that most manufacturers of conventional water makers do not manufacture their pumps, motors or membranes themselves. This is about selecting and purchasing the appropriate components. Here we make no compromises on all key components and attach great importance to the greatest transparency.

With the high-pressure pump and membrane, you get the key components from the long-established market leaders in their respective segments.

If you look at all of these features and decide that you don't want to experiment with components that are unknown or have little proven use, the selection is greatly reduced. What remains are sometimes large price differences between very similar products. You then pay primarily for a network of service partners as well as marketing and dealer margins. Costs that can be avoided for a modular system.