References & Feedback

Peter, "Sailing into Freedom" Elcano World Challenge, Ocean-Spring AC 150

„The concept of a simple and rugged water maker that we can rely on in remote places is exactly what we need for our Elcano world challenge.“

More about this project!

Jonathan, SY Lady Jomo, Ocean-Spring AC 90

"Hi Julian, I am very pleased with it and also grateful for the help you provided with commissioning it. Can I leave a review anywhere?"

Olaf , Phillipinen, Aqua-Nautica AN-30

"Full service to the Philippines - we didn't even have to worry about customs clearance!

We are happy to have found an inexpensive successor to our aging old watermaker!"

Katrin & Jürgen, SY Yámana, Ocean-Spring AC 70

„As an alternative to some established manufacturers, we can recommend Ocean Spring Watermakers, where, in addition to good advice and quality, you also have the advantage of having a German-speaking contact in the background who can help in the event of a problem. In our opinion, this is an advantage that should not be ignored.“

To the german blog post of Jürgen and Katrin.

Erwin & Katrin, Ocean-Spring AC 120

"All materials and accessories arrived at my home very well packaged. The description was very detailed and helpful...Installation and commissioning went without any further difficulties. I only had to get a few small things to flush the system and for on-board outlets. At the moment we are still in the North Sea, as the water here is still very cold I don't expect full performance yet. What I can now say, however, is that the water produced is around 180 ppm and we are more than satisfied with it."

Thomas, Aqua-Nautica AN-30

"The installation was very simple especially with the help of the video instructions. The unit keeps its promised output and the water tastes absolutely fine."

SY Copia, Ocean-Spring AC 180