About us

We are a small company that has made it our mission to offer other sailors watermakers of the highest quality and good value for money.

My name is Julian, the head behind Ocean-Spring Watermakers e.K..

As a mechanical engineer and passionate sailor, my thoughts always revolve around the technology on board.

On my first big sailing trip, a year-long round of the Atlantic, I repeatedly had problems with my watermaker on board. Troubleshooting why fresh water was no longer coming out of the device was sometimes time-consuming due to the lack of displays. Manufacturer-specific special parts were always necessary, which can only be obtained from appropriate service partners. Annoyed by the influence of logistics and the tedious troubleshooting on my trip planning, I began to talk more and more with other sailors about their system and compared them. Many a time I've wondered why there are sometimes extreme price differences for almost identical products or what experiments many people try to do in order to initially save money.

So I have made it my mission to offer a product that is not an experiment in quality and installation appearance but is still available at a reasonable price.